A Perfect Dream

by Sarah Fimm



released January 1, 2002

Produced by Mac Ritchey and Sarah Fimm
All Songs Written by Sarah Fimm
Created at Possum Hall Studios, NH

Featuring the talents of: Jim Perry~Dana Oaks~Michelle Lane~Beth Cohen~Rachel Russell~Josh Florian~Peter Geraghty


all rights reserved



Sarah Fimm Woodstock, New York

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Track Name: Be Like Water
Don’t chase ghosts
Don’t get too close
Don’t get caught
Don’t get spent
Don’t get bought
Don’t sell out
Don’t get bent
Don’t fuck your best friend
If everything is just the way it should be
Why am I still hungry

Be Like Water

Don’t be shy
Don’t shut your eyes
Don’t get high
Expand your mind
Don’t keep in touch
Don’t touch yourself
Don’t ever wanna be somebody else
When everything is bad as it can be
Never be angry

Be Like Water
Must be the answer you want

I’m not your slave
I’m not the one who burnt you out
Fucked you up and put you on
Broke you down
Ask someone else
To be that someone
I can’t be that someone
Who can be like water

Why can’t I be the answer you want
Track Name: Wrong Side Up
Wrong side up
How I like to be
In my comfortable highchair of agony
And from here
Things are looking pretty fucked up
Wrong side up

Buried in here somewhere is the reason
Maybe I don’t care enough to find it
Just to appease you would be wrong
Just to write another song
Forgive this hole that is my heart
That’s had enough
Wrong side up

If you were not would I still be

Now inside the ground
A victim of this age
A little bit of nothing
Goes a long way
Maybe I’ll find what’s right
Now that I’m wrong side up
Track Name: Virus
Everyday she wallows in her dream
Pacing back and forth
With nothing in between
The devastated girl has given up
The boy has fallen to the fate of luck
But tells her with a slight smile

It’s just a virus
She laid on him
And I can’t touch it
It’s buried in
And it’s all for nothing
This web of you
Is just a cycle of abuse

Since you said it’s fine
I might believe
Dirty girls are easy to deceive
A penny for your thoughts
Or just to take your clothes off
I’d rather dull the pain
Than stand out in the rain

To catch the virus
That seems to be
The undercurrent of my insanity
The lowest layer that has been fused
Beneath my cycle of abuse

It’s just a virus
He says to me
It’s not quite the prison
You make it out to be
Too bad you’re dying
Too bad but true
As is this cycle of you
Track Name: Alien Boys
The alien boys are here today
Clicking their heels behind me
Chatter boy toys
They couldn’t find me
I’m floating above

I wanted to show you
The milk of the moon
You couldn’t get past my name
If there is life in this room
I invite it to leave
Never come back again

They come from the dark
They hide right behind the sun
In beams of the dead they travel
They travel too far

To tear me up
To break me down
To put me into the lion’s mouth

To tear me up
You broke me down
You put me into the lion’s mouth
And I want you to know

You tore me up
You broke me down
Alien boy
Track Name: Smoke
Everything that I love
Turns to smoke
It billows out from nothing
Laughing at my cries
Holding the charred remains
Of the last dirty joke
As if they know
How it died

Everyone that I’ve loved
Has turned to smoke
They come in single file
And exit two by two
As if they knew
What was to come
That I’m happier in the rain
Than the sun

And now every day that has come
Has turned to smoke
Still I hesitate to ask the great above
What I have done

As it crashes through my system
Creation laughs at one
With nothing but
All there ever was
Track Name: Spit Trap Ghetto
Crazy getting silly with a fat old man
And his alligator hands so cold
Rubbin’ me down with a toothless frown
Says he’d give twenty dollars to juke his load

Schizophrenic Simon
With his crack jaw hacksaw
Dirty Motherfucker look
Everybody wants some
Blood from babies
Street cracked daisies
Get ‘em at the dollar store

Gia is forever
All paper clipped together
With her Christ magazines
And smoke stained teeth
Totally high
Ready to die
Revved up and ready to fly

Spit Trap Ghetto
Track Name: Lioness
I’d like to get to know you
Let’s take off our clothes
And get close

And how about I circle you
Like a lioness
Licking her paws
Use your hands
Discover me

One kiss could lead us to bliss
Just one kiss

Oh I love it when you go down
And I get wet
And fall apart
You inspire me

One kiss could lead us to bliss
Track Name: In The Red
I’m kind of in a watercolor wasteland
The place you go to bow and pay the toll
A never-ending system of abrasions
Only there to control

The way you suck me up into a nightmare
The dirty way you cut me with a smile
And I hate to admit
How I love when you give it to me

In the red
Crying out
At the edge
Looking down

Every single minute takes an hour
When you’re in the power of the beast
There’s hate breeding hatred inside of my head
And there’s not that much left to be said

In the red
Crying out
At the edge
Looking down

When you’ve fallen below
All the shit you’ve been fed
And you feel like you’re gonna go mad
Then you know you have come out alive
More than dead
Track Name: A Perfect Dream
Halfway gone
Can’t find the path
You’ve fallen off
There’s this place in me for you
Elements of me
I see in twos
Me looking back at you
And there’s this place in me
To light this perfect dream
I hear the reverie
Please don’t apologize
You’ll be immortalized
In the weight of this melody
In the daze of my perfect dream
My Perfect Dream
Track Name: Shadows and Dust
And the ants go marching on
Through the hills they sing their song
For the good of the world
They carry on

But when the winter comes my darlings
Where will you go
I built a little shelter for your hearts
In my backyard

Man kills man
Man kills god
Man kills everything
That he can get his hands on

Governments are planning
Their next bombing masquerade
Who will do it first
And when they do
Who will get paid

Man kills man
Man kills god
Man kills everything
That he can get his hands on

Perhaps a single word
Before the sun begins to rust
Are we just shadows and dust
Track Name: Salvia Path
Everyone is moving
Everyone is floating around
Into with confusion
Never to be found out again

Once I found the reason
But lost it in a place I cant find
To a world that I don’t like

And I’m quick to assume
But never to ask
Will we ever go back to
Salvia Path

And it’s cold
Where the living don’t go
And everyone is moving
And everyone is safe
In the ground
And the scene
Is a perfect photograph
But we cannot go back to
Salvia Path

We cannot go back to
Salvia Path

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